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 As many of you know UIL has suspended all contests until May 4th.  We are also waiting for the time that they will allow us to practice together again.  This means a couple of things: 1. They have not given up on the season entirely, and 2. We are awaiting a plan as we see how things develop with the virus.  

So for us that means we need to do our best to stay in as good as shape as we can during this time.  Below are some things you can do at home with no weights at all to help keep you prepared for the rest of the year and also to help you not lose the gains you have made during the course of the year.  I encourage you to spend at least an hour a day on keeping your body healthy.  Please do so while trying to adhere to the social distancing guidelines that have been shared with you.  Good Luck and I hope to see you back at school soon!! 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Lower Body- Air Squats: 5 sets of 20; Air lunge: 5 sets of 20 (each leg); Squat Jumps (gorilla jumps): 4 sets of 15; Toe raises: 4 sets of 20. 

Tuesday, Thursday: Upper Body- Push ups: 5 sets of 20; Dips (turn your back to a bench or table to do): 5 sets of 10; Curls and Shoulder raises front and side: 5 sets of 10 (use anything 5 pounds or more to provide resistance. 

Footwork and Core: Everyday- Spend 10 minutes a day on each of these.  You can do a variety of activities for these just as we do in athletics.  Some examples are: Core- crunches, sit ups, planks, leg lifts, suitcases, etc.  Footwork- Jump ropes, speed ladder drills (you can do it without the ladder), dot drills (create your own dots), shuttle run, step-ups and hop-ups on stairs, etc.  

RUN- EVERYDAY: Jogging some distance on lower body days (at least a mile) and running some short full speed sprints on upper body days (equivalent of 10-40’s would be ideal).  

**Please keep a log of what you do each day and be honest.  Be prepare to share your log with me when we return to school.  Also if you are playing a spring sport try to spend some time working on your skills at home.  Throw, catch and hit baseballs/softballs; Play tennis and golf; etc.  

I sincerely hope we are able to return and complete our seasons in some way shape or form.  Either way, please do what you can to complete as many workouts as possible for your own health and preparation!!

Coach Buckner

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